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Exterior Painting


Welcome to our unique service, where we transform your home's exterior from a simple facade to a sophisticated canvas. Specializing in spraying exterior pebble dash and heavy-textured plaster, we offer benefits that enhance both the aesthetic and protection of your private sanctuary.

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Why Choose Spraying?

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1. Flawless Finish: Traditional methods often fail on heavy-textured surfaces. Our spray technique delivers an even, flawless coat, improving the look of pebble dash or textured plaster and ensuring a lasting impression.

2. Durable Protection: Our spraying method applies a protective layer against weather challenges, making your exterior stunning and resilient.

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3. Efficient Application: Our skilled technicians work efficiently, covering large areas quickly to minimize disruption and deliver high-quality results

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4. Customized Aesthetics: Spraying allows for diverse customization, reflecting your style and making your home stand out.

Our Specialized Services:

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1. Pebble Dash and Textured Plaster Spraying:

We excel in spraying pebble dash and heavy-textured plaster, achieving your desired look with precision.

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2. Smooth Plaster Finishes:

Beyond textured surfaces, we offer finishes for smooth plaster, letting you choose between spraying finesse or the traditional appeal of brush and roller techniques.

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3. For Private Homes:

We pride ourselves on enhancing private residences, providing solutions that boost curb appeal and protect your investment.

Why Us?

1. Versatile Techniques:
Our team handles various surfaces with techniques tailored to meet your needs, ensuring optimal results.

2. Comprehensive Consultation:
We start with a thorough consultation to understand your vision and recommend solutions that exceed your expectations. 4. Proven Excellence: Known for our excellence in spray work, we promise a seamless experience and quality service from start to finish.

3. Proven Excellence:
Known for our excellence in spray work, we promise a seamless experience and quality service from start to finish.

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Embark on an exterior transformation journey with us. Schedule a consultation today, and discover how our services can enhance your home's look and protection.

Transforming your home's exterior is about creating a profound statement with every detail. With our expertise in spray painting and the meticulous application of brush and roller finishes, let us elevate the elegance and resilience of your home.



Choosing FCIS for our exterior renovation was the best decision we made. The team's attention to detail and expert spray technique dramatically enhanced the look and feel of our property. Their consultation process was thorough, ensuring that the final result perfectly matched our expectations. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their home's exterior!

Sarah Naughton


Our experience with Brian at First Choice Interior Sprayers exceeded all expectations. His hands-on approach and commitment to quality were evident in every interaction. He transformed our home's exterior with such skill and attention to detail—it's like we're living in a brand new house!

John Dalton

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